Who We Are


  • Acknowledges patients, providers and coworkers promptly with eye contact and a friendly greeting especially by handling phone calls professionally and courteously.
  • Contributes to creating a friendly comfortable environment where kindness, empathy and understanding are priorities.
  • Treating co-workers, patients and family members with courtesy, respect, dignity and professionalism with sensitivity to ones values.
  • Demonstrates pride in what he/she does, is responsible for the outcomes of our efforts and recognizes our work as a reflection of ourselves, our work team and our organization.



  • Actively listens and responds in a respectful non-confrontational manner to the opinions of others.
  • Fosters a spirit of cooperation and teamwork in the workplace. Takes initiative to make things right; pitches in to help achieve common goals.
  • Verbal and written messages are communicated in a timely fashion and expressed in a clear, tactful, courteous and honest manner.
  • Resolves issues with productive solutions without placing blame.
  • Works to improve culture in workplace by recognizing positive behaviors and offering discreet and courteous feedback on behaviors that fall short of standards.



  • Is flexible in meeting changing departmental needs in daily assignment changes.
  • Adapts to departmental and/or job changes as part of on-going plan to improve service and/or offers creative alternatives.
  • Takes responsibility and accountability for assigned tasks, projects, and duties while maintaining a professional manner.
  • Is considerate of patients and co-workers by being on time at the start of shift, taking the allotted time for breaks, and adhering to policies regarding work schedules.



  • Makes efficient use of time, organizes and prioritizes work efficiently. Achieves department productivity standards.
  • Takes initiative to streamline processes.
  • Anticipates and resolves problems in service delivery to patients, physicians, and other staff members.
  • Values the time of customers and other employees by providing prompt service.
  • Helps co-workers when own work is completed.